About Exploring

Urban Exploration is described on Wikipedia as ‘The examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of human civilization’

A lot of fantastic buildings have been left to crumble in recent decades. Not least the Victorian asylums which will start to dominate the reports I post on here. I make no denial that they have captivated me more than anything else since I began exploring.

Thankfully some of these buildings have been converted but many more have been left to crumble. Much can similarly be said about the many industrial buildings now decaying across the UK.

Most of the time when I’m exploring I’m with another person, we both abide by the same rules.

We never break and enter into anywhere, no matter how much we want to get inside. We will only ever enter when there is already a point of access, and will never create one ourselves.

The only things we take from the places we visit are photographs, We will never bring anything away with us, and will leave only our footprints when we leave.


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