About Me

Me in mask

Picture (C) Urban-ographer

I’m not really comfortable right now putting my name to this blog. It’s not that I don’t want anybody to know who I am, It’s just incase I shouldn’t be at the places the photos are taken. There will be a few people who will know who I am as you will have been directed here from my Facebook or Instagram page. I would appreciate it if you could keep my details private.

Maybe when I am more comfortable I will add more info.

I never claim to be a professional photographer, or even a photographer. I enjoy taking photos then getting back editing and uploading them to the internet.

I am 32 years old and from Norwich UK, I have been interested in photography now for around 5 years. I used to help out with wedding photography with one of my good mates, although I no longer do this, I have now found a new photographic hobby in abandoned and derelict buildings.

I currently shoot with a Canon 600D, so nothing too fancy just yet.


One thought on “About Me

  1. where is this synagouge?have you done any research on this place and why it was just left like this?By the size there must have been at one time a fair sized membership


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