Medler’s Scrapyard

#18 – Wasted at The Car Graveyard

Medler’s in the Norfolk countryside was one of the biggest car scrapyards in the East, and over acres of land housed many old beauties from the past. Many are still resting there even after the yard closed in the early 1990’s.

This place is absolutely huge, and I recently discovered that I didn’t even find half of it, other explorers have found old fire engines, and a derelict farmhouse, I will most probably re-visit sometime soon.

Local legend has it that Lenny Medlar used to hide suitcases of money around his yard, happy exploring to everyone who gives this one a go.

Myself and Urbanographer visited this site one bright evening in July, The place was eerily quiet, we lost each other for a while whilst on site, but managed to join up again for a group pic at the end.

We came across many old car parts and vehicles. Most were buried beneath undergrowth. Take a look through my shots, and let me know what you think.

Scrap- Scrap--2 Scrap--3 Scrap--4 Scrap--5 Scrap--6 Scrap--7 Scrap--8 Scrap--9 Scrap--10 Scrap--11 Scrap--12 Scrap--13 Scrap--14 Scrap--15 Scrap--16 Scrap--17 Scrap--18 Scrap--19 Scrap--20 Scrap--21 Scrap--22 Scrap--23 Scrap--24

Thanks for looking, Cheers



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