The Raspberry House

#16 ā€“ Wasted at The Raspberry House

After a great weekend of explores around the UK we had almost made it home. The hire car had to be back by 5pm and we were already running late, Myself, Carrot in Motion, and Urbanographer were all knackered and in need of a good bath. We were on the final straight towards home when Carrot in Motion remembered he had spotted a derelict house on Google Maps that we were just so happening to drive straight past. We knew if we stopped the car would be late back and I would be having a cold dinner.

Oh well.. We decided we couldn’t resist. This little house on the border of Norfolk is very close to the main road, although you could quite easily miss it due to how much nature has grown over the top of it.


I’m not counting this as an explore from the UK Road Trip as it wasn’t planned for the trip. and was more of a bonus derp.

Surrounding this little place were tonnes and tonnes of stinging nettles, I managed to sting the back of my legs a few times getting to the door, as I was still wearing the trousers that I had ruined on a barbed wire fence a few hours before at The Maltings.


After wading through these horrible weeds I came across some lovely Raspberries, These were by far more nutritious that what I was about to find in the pantry of The Raspberry House..

The first room we came to was the kitchen, Although there was so much trash about the place that it was hardly recognizable as one.



There were a lot of old tins, and general garbage with old labels kicking about. I’d like to think whoever lived here didn’t live like this.


The place could certainly do with a Hoover, Oh there’s one.


This place was so small, the three of us struggled not to get in each others shots, A basic two up two down house, you could probably fit a couple of people in this house at a push.

The lounge area was also small, and it was here when we realised that the previous owner certainly loved his whiskey, I would definitely go as far as saying he was probably an alcoholic.




You have got to love the wallpaper in this place.

There were various items from the 80’s scattered about. Could this have been around the time this house was left to rot?


I remember having a cassette like this, and taping the charts off Radio One.


Way before the days of the Playstation I used to have one of these connected to my Spectrum 48K.


If you look closely you can see that the movie on top of this video recorder is “Rob Roy” which I think is actually a film from the Mid Nineties?

Just off the lounge is a small pantry, I love finding old cans. I like seeing the old logos and labels, like these.


No I wasn’t tempted to sniff the Baby Beetroot.


When you find an old fridge in these old houses, you have to have a look inside right?


Ok those Morrison’s and Waitrose carrier bags certainly aren’t from the 80’s. I have no idea when this place became derelict.


Mouldy bits and pieces in the fridge, and this isn’t the worst fridge I have seen. Wait for my next report for that.

More evidence that the previous owner loved a drink or two.


I’m not sure these pills from 1983 would cure the hangover from drinking all this Whiskey.


There was a tiny winding stair case that lead to a small bedroom. I didn’t venture further than the top of the stairs as the floor didn’t feel or look very safe, and i didn’t want to fall through and land on the others.



A view down the stairs


After coming down the steps I noticed this old photograph. I wonder who this little boy is?



Before heading back I got these externals.






Thank you for looking. Please let me know what you think of the Raspberry House.




5 thoughts on “The Raspberry House

  1. Just discovering UE, this looks like a great find. I love your photo’s too, I’m not a fan of a lot of these ‘tweaked’ type UE pics….show the roughness I say šŸ™‚
    Do you mind me asking whereabouts you are based?


  2. Yea just wait for that sun to come out!!
    Ive never been out anywhere yet, but hopefully will try and snap a bit in next few weeks, see what I can find!


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