Bass Maltings

#15 – Explore #5 of the UK Road Trip – Wasted at The Maltings

The final explore of our UK road trip brought us to Bass Maltings, To be honest I could quite easily have put this down as a failure but I did get some externals so thought I would upload anyway.

It was a really hot day and we decided to stock up on some drinks to take with us, We parked the car on the side of the road, walked along a field whilst being spied on by an angry farmer, and headed towards the Maltings.


We had a good look around the site to find the best way in, There really wasn’t a best way in so it had to be over the barbed wire fence. It was here where I learned that me and barbed wire fences do not get on.

I made it to the top of the first fence and thought I could jump over without a problem, I couldn’t, I jumped and then heard it RIIIIIIP… not too bad though, only a small hole in my trousers, so I wasn’t too worried, these could easily be repaired and I carried on.

We walked along the front of the maltings but still couldn’t find a way in to the main buildings, unless we went over more barbed wire fences, well we had come this far, so we had to do it. This time it wasn’t bad, and learning from the previous fence I went over no problem at all. We were getting somewhere now so we had a look around the externals but everywhere was boarded up. We just could not find a way in.


We then found what we were looking for, we could see it through a window, The spiral staircase that everyone had been able to capture. There was an open window and we tried climbing through, Unfortunately for myself and Urbanographer, We just could not get through, The window was just too small. Sam (Carrot in Motion) being as skinny as he is got in with absolutely no problem at all.

He managed to climb the stairs and get right to the top of the tower, result for him, and I expect he got some great shots from up there too. Urbanographer and I decided we just couldn’t be arsed. Carrot took Urbanographer’s camera in with him and set up a shot which Urbanographer was able to take a shot from his mobile phone, I think it half counts as his own shot. I had to make do with a handheld shot through the window.


Urbanographer and I decided to just sit down and enjoy the sunshine taking a few externals whilst we waited for Carrot to get his shots from inside. It was here when we realised we had all forgotten to bring our drinks with us, and had left them in the car.










Our trip was over, We were a bit gutted to not be able to get into The Maltings but our weekend had been absolutely brilliant. I just had one more hurdle to get over, that barbed wire fence. I approached it got to the top of it and yet again failed, The fence ripping straight through my trousers and the hole this time was definitely to big to fix, so with my arse hanging out I made my way back through the stinging nettles and to the car.


Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.



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