Tower X

#11 – Explore #1 of the UK Road Trip – Wasted at Tower X

Our UK road trip was arranged due to the fact we had to cancel our weekend to Belgium. We had to cancel our weekend to Belgium because Urbanographer lost his passport in France on his last Euro trip.

I visited this site with Adam X, Urbanographer, and Carrot in Motion.

Tower X is named as a homage to Adam X who told us about this building. This cathedral had scaffold up for a short amount of time due to cleaning of the spire, and Adam knew we could gain access.

I had decided a few days before that I was going to give this one a miss as I don’t do very well with heights. Infact I hate heights so much that I was quite happy to go to sleep in the car whilst the others got their photographs.

We arrived at the car park, and I changed my mind and I am so glad that I did.

After some stealthy and careful manoeuvering we eventually found our way to the scaffolding, and after nearly giving up at the last moment I made my way up to Tower X.

I hope you enjoy the view.

Tower X-

Tower X--2

Whilst taking these photographs I could hear all the revelers leaving the nightclubs below in the early hours.

Tower X--3 Tower X--4 Tower X--5

Experimenting a bit with silhouettes.

Tower X--11

A nice picture overlooking the courtyard, I like the way the street light glowed in this one.

Tower X--7 Tower X--8

It was such a strange feeling touching these, knowing how high up they are.

Tower X--9

Tower X--10 Tower X-8193

I hope you liked looking at these photos as much as I liked taking them

Here is a photograph of us all looking over the edge. I hated doing this but I am glad now we did it.

Group Shot 1

Photograph (C) Adam X – Visit his blog here

Another Group Shot taken by Adam X, Notice Carrot in Motion just waking up from his nap.

Group Shot 2

Thank you for looking. Please leave your comments.



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