Secret Underground Bunker


#10 – Wasted at the Secret Underground Bunker

Way down deep into the Earth’s core lies this awesome underground bunker, full of long straight corridors and industrial sized pipes and machinery.

This was the first explore I had done with wellies, and the first pitch black experience as an urban explorer.

I had never taken a photograph in pitch black before this, and it really tested my ability, Thanks go to Urbanographer for his on hand expertise. Thanks also to Adam X who had to lend me his spare torch as I broke mine only an hour before getting there. Not pro urbex!

I don’t think these shots are anywhere near my best, but I beleive they just about pass.

I visited this site with Urbanographer, Adam X, and Desolate Nation, I quickly had to learn how to light paint, and do long exposure shots. I hope you enjoy the Secret Underground Bunker.


Above – The reason for needing wellies

Bunker-8140 Bunker-8139 Bunker-8135 Bunker-8132 Bunker-8130 Bunker-8129 Bunker-8128 Bunker-8123 Bunker-8120 Bunker-8117 Bunker-8110 Bunker--14 Bunker--13 Bunker--12 Bunker--11

There always has to be a staircase shot on my explores.

Bunker--10 Bunker--9 Bunker--8 Bunker--7 Bunker--6 Bunker--5

The obligatory sink shot

Bunker--4 Bunker--3 Bunker--2 Bunker-

Thank you for looking. Please let me know what you think.

I couldn’t leave without mentioning that being small really helped on this explore, Adam X is not small and ended the day with a cut head due to smashing it on a low girder… Not pro urbex



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